Caring for the Carers

High quality, safe clinical care is underpinned by the presence of a well trained, highly motivated, happy, flexible workforce. Unfortunately poor culture, ill-conceived guidelines and day to day pressures can compromise the delivery of these goals. In many cases this is brought into sharp focus by the procedures in place to investigate and learn from clinical incidents where the pursuit of appropriate accountability is often indistinguishable from the allocation of blame.

The challenges we face include moral distress, burn out and repeated exposure to traumatic events. The impact of these on health care staff has been shown to be directly related to poorer quality care, increased staff turnover with significant financial implications and even when nothing “goes wrong”, a bad patient and family experience.

This page includes initiatives, projects and reviews that seek to address the shortcomings listed above by ensuring that our colleagues are supported to learn from their practice and share that learning with others.

We don’t have all or even most of the answers but what we want to do is learn from each other about how to make it better. Please share any interventions, stories or processes that you have found work for you!

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