Infusion Concentrations Delphi Consensus Survey


Following a successful first round survey of standard concentrations, your opinion is now needed on the revised proposals for a national standardised infusion consensus document. It is vital that you contribute to this process in preparation for the February Consensus Summit.

The survey can be located on the standardisation website which can be found at

We estimate that this second survey will take approximately TWO hours to complete and you can save your progress and return to it as you wish. However, completed questions cannot be changed once entered. This link is open from NOW until February 18th 2017.

MiST Symposium

The first MiST symposium will take place on 24 February 2017

Attendance at this meeting is essential for all those with significant interest in paediatric medication safety and/or responding to the deteriorating child.

The morning summit will facilitate discussion between delegates drawn from major paediatric centres. Those present will have the opportunity to review the results of the UK Delphi study of current/preferred practice and then discuss the results, and agree a UK standard, for the most common drug infusion concentrations.

The afternoon will examine the state of the art with respect to responding and reacting to the deteriorating child. Workshops will look toward the next steps in preparation to further developing this theme at the RCPCH spring meeting.

Full programme

Register for symposium here

ENFit or Not Fit

Significant concerns are being raised about the introduction of the ISO standard ENFit devices into paediatric & neonatal practice.

Paediatricians and neonatologists, internationally, are raising questions about the appropriateness of this imposition: Does this system increase risk for our patients?

Our members strongly recommend that a full risk analysis is performed before accepting the introduction of these devices into your practice.

Further information and resources are available here.

How do we support each other when adverse events happen?

We’re getting better at supporting staff involved in adverse events but there’s still lots to do and learn – have a read about what’s happening in Boston. Any experience of doing similar things in the UK? We have a Prepare and Support course in Birmingham which Heather Duncan will be telling us about soon but individual support is informal – something like this sounds really useful!  Have a look at our C4C Resources page as well

Pediatric Quality & Safety

The first issue of Pediatric Quality & Safety has just been published on-line:

Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2016

It features the following articles:

Let the Journey Begin

Quality and Safety – The View from the Corner Office

Moving the Needle in Children’s Health with National Collaborative Networks – A CEO’s Perspective.

Make this just the start: Share your safety learning by submitting a paper to this new journal soon!

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