Standard IV Infusion Survey

Please complete the survey as soon as possible. The questionnaire should not take more than 15-30 minutes to complete and all answers will be treated with confidentiality. The questionnaire is open until the 3rd of July.

The aim of this survey is to assess the extent and practice of standardised concentration usage for IV infusions in paediatric and neonatal units in the UK. The results of this study will allow analysis of current practice in the UK and allow further development of a consensus range of concentrations to facilitate the adoption of national standards in paediatric and neonatal units.

This survey is a MSc research project run through the UCL School of Pharmacy and part of a standardisation project from the Making it Safer Together (MiST) collaborative. The researcher (the MSc student) is Thorunn Oskarsdottir, the academic supervisor is Professor Ian Wong and the project supervisor is Nanna Christiansen, Lead Clinical Pharmacist for Paediatrics at Bart’s Health and one of the project team members for the MiST standardisation project.
We value your honest and detailed responses and are grateful if you could please answer all the questions.

Please follow this link to the survey.

Please contact the researchers, Thorunn Oskarsdottir or Nanna Christiansen, if you need any further information.