ImPrint – Simplifying Drug Infusion Prescribing & Administration

Drug errors are the single most common incident in health care and infusions in an intensive care environment are often unfamiliar and infrequently administered. This creates conditions with the potential for serious, avoidable, harm. It is likely that your unit uses monographs to aid prescribing but in our experience these are often verbose, pharmacy focused and do not always facilitate safe prescribing or administration. In high pressure situations these monographs may even contribute to errors.

ImPrint aims to utilise human factors knowledge to simplify and restructure the information provided to create a layout which is bespoke for the user – an ‘imprint’ of the final prescription. For the prescriber this will allow a simple transcription, whilst the administrator will require a different focus for the same information.

Details of the ImPrint project can be found on the MedsIQ website.