Safe system framework for children at risk of deterioration

RCPCH framework aimed at improving recognition and response, discussed at MiST meeting.


Emergency Care & Treatment Plan Consultation

UK National consultation on proposed new documentation to support good end of life care.


Children’s Hospitals of Ohio – Solutions for patient safety

The organisation from which the collaborative has taken it’s lead.

Congratulations to @UHRainbowBabies: January’s #SPSHospitalOfTheMonth! “As a founding hospital within the pediatric SPS, Rainbow is proud of our continued engagement and participation in the organization and the growth and maturation of our safety culture over time.”

Last week from SPS’s Twitter via Hootsuite Inc.

Children’s Hospitals of Ohio definitions of patient harms

These are the definitions of the harms which have been targeted by the Children’s Hospitals of Ohio.


Learning from Excellence

Initiative to promote learning from excellence as a complementary, positive approach to run alongside the investigation of incidents.


National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention



Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community (PIPSQC)



Website supported by Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to share and promote tools and mythology to reduce medication incidents.