This is a new area of work for the collaborative.


There were extensive discussions at the autumn meeting at Birmingham Children’s Hospital about the approach to reducing CLASBIs on the haematology and oncology wards. It was clear that the workflows and environments differed significantly to that of critical care areas.

There was a consensus that a useful insight into central line complications would be obtained through the capture and analysis of data on time frames and circumstances of central line removal in oncology patients. To this end John Grainger has drawn up an outline paper for this data collection that may be downloaded here. Please email John with any comments you have regarding this data collection.

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis

The requirement for VTE prophylaxis in post pubescent children was discussed. Resources  from collaborating centres are available below:


Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Addenbrooks VTE Risk Assessment Proforma


Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

RMCH VTE Risk Assessment Presentation

RMCH VTE Risk Assessment Proforma