The Making it Safer Together (MiST) paediatric patient safety collaborative is an alliance of hospitals. These organisations  share a vision of achieving harm free paediatric healthcare through a process of a sustained, year on year, reduction in adverse events. A list of current members can be found here.

The MiST collaborative was born following a meeting of senior clinicians and managers in the autumn of 2013, who came together to discuss how a UK model of the successful Solutions for Patient Safety network in the USA could be established. The current membership is largely drawn from tertiary children’s centres. However the aspiration is that as MiST grows and develops it will reach out and work with any centre delivering paediatric clinical care that share our vision.

The collaborative is an open forum for the sharing of ideas & methodology for enhancing patient safety.

As part of our work each centre is asked to collect data covering their safety performance in a number of areas that are agreed by the membership. This data is gathered in the form of scores. These scores are then used to stimulate discussion and enable identification of those centers that appear to have the strongest performance, or those who have made major improvements in performance over time. These centres will be strongly encouraged to upload their bundles, guidelines etc to the MiST website for others to learn from. The scores are NOT used for benchmarking and there is no place in the collaborative for competition.

The goal for each organisation is a year on year improvement, ideally, but not essentially demonstrated through their own scores. However, at the end of the day, our key goal is collaborative learning. We would rather you were with us, sharing your ideas than not. Thus if your organisation lacks the resources to collect the key performance data that is no bar to joining us – come on in!

The members of the collaborative have identified a few key themes to focus our work on. These are:

  • Medication Incidents
    • Measurement
    • Standardisation
  • Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections
    • Tailoring to area/discipline:
      • ICU
      • Haem/Onc Wards
      • Elsewhere
    • Interventions
      • Biopatches
      • Bionectors
      • Body Washes
      • Parafilm
  • Peripheral Line Complications

There has also been considerable interest at recent meetings in learning from excellence, supporting the second victim and a paediatric HMSR. Some resources for these areas may already be found on this website but further developments will follow.

Our Terms of Reference can be downloaded here MiST Terms of Reference

Details of how to join our collaborative may be found here.